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Suggested start location: Battle of Gettysburg

Number of switches: 10

Switch icon: Civil War Hat

Switch locationsEdit

  1. Battle of Gettysburg
    • Zoom out and head for the map marker that says "United States Government"
  2. Battle of Chancellorsville
    • A short ways to the south of the drop point on the other side of the highway
  3. Battle of Chickamauga
    • North of the drop point along Layfayette Rd, just past Battleline Rd
    • Nearest coordinates: 34.927, -85.2584
  4. Battle of Stones River
  5. Battle of Antietam
    • Use "Antietam National Battlefield" switch is immediately to your east.
  6. Battle of Fort Donelson
    • Use "Fort Donelson National Battlefield".
  7. Battle of Spotsylvania
    • Use "9200 Block House Rd" switch is northeast.
  8. Second Battle of Bull Run
    • Use "Atlantis Waterpark, VA" switch is to the west.
  9. Battle of Shiloh
    • Use "Sunken Rd Shiloh" switch is immediately east of the drop point.
  10. Battle of the Wilderness
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