/*<source lang="javascript">*/ window.onload = function() { /*Array of valid URLs allowed to be loaded into Iframes to prevent nefarious usage*/ var validURLs = [""]; var tempNode = document.getElementById('iframe'); if (!tempNode) return false; var url = html_entity_decode(tempNode.innerHTML); var isValidIframeURL = false; for(var ndx in validURLs){ if(validURLs[ndx] == url){ isValidIframeURL = true; } } if(!isValidIframeURL){ return false; } var contentNode = tempNode.parentNode; contentNode.removeChild(tempNode); var iframe = document.createElement('iframe'); iframe.setAttribute('width','100%'); iframe.setAttribute('height','300'); iframe.setAttribute('frameBorder','0'); = 'none'; iframe.setAttribute('src',url); contentNode.appendChild(iframe); return false; } function html_entity_decode(str) { try { var tarea=document.createElement('textarea'); tarea.innerHTML = str; return tarea.value; tarea.parentNode.removeChild(tarea); } catch(e) { //for IE add <div id="htmlconverter" style="display:none;"></div> to the page document.getElementById("htmlconverter").innerHTML = '<textarea id="innerConverter">' + str + '</textarea>'; var content = document.getElementById("innerConverter").value; document.getElementById("htmlconverter").innerHTML = ""; return content; } } /*</source>*/

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