Creator: CountessVamp
Peeper Lake

Location: Benson Recreation, OR (current drop point)

Contributors: CountessVamp, Bigbear766, VitaminD, Ullr, Alforque, Kathleen, Blue, LuckyLapine, VelmaDinkley, AstroPig, Andrew, TempestDark, Westsider, IDrinkGaso, Sean, Leeroy, RollerJones, Wiki, Meagan, Diana, Alex, Foamy, Bud, Uberzombie, Basil, NoGftsPls, Jean

Total Peeps: 1451 in the Lake + 2 by the Fire pit

Blue: 484 in Lake + 1 by Fire pit

Yellow: 483 in Lake + 1 by Fire pit

Pink: 484

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