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Suggested start location: Ford's Theater

Number of switches: 11

Switch icon: Presidential Seal

Switch Locations

  1. Abraham Lincoln
    • Ford's Theater
  2. James A. Garfield
    • Sixth St and Constitution Ave NW
  3. William McKinley
    • 244 Bedford Ave Buffalo
  4. John F. Kennedy
    • Dealey Plaza Park Dallas
  5. Andrew Jackson
    • Capitol Building
  6. Theodore Roosevelt
    • Gilpatrick Hotel Milwaukee
  7. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    • Bayfront Park Miami
  8. Harry S. Truman
    • Renwick Gallery
  9. Gerald Ford (2 attempts)
    1. State Capitol Sacramento (Capitol Park Sacramento)
    2. Union Square SF
  10. Ronald Reagan
    • 1919 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, DC
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