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Suggested Start Location: This hunt is the first (and currently only) hunt to feature clues on the switches themselves and move the interesting info about the location to the "What's This?" text on each of the in game graphics.

Number of switches: 10

Switch icon: Rubber Duck

Additional Notes: When this hunt went live there was also a switch at the Largest Ball of Twine made by one man in Darwin, MN. It was likely just intended as a branching path as both switches had the same hint for the next switch, however it was removed before the hunt was ever completed. The giant ball of twine graphic can still be found along with an administrative note that your switch is in another castle.

Switch Locations

  1. Largest Holstein Cow. New Salem, ND
    • Nearest coordinates: 46.853, -101.425
    • N 8th St, New Salem, ND and go west
  2. Largest Dinosaurs. Cabazon Dinosaurs.
    • 50770 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA
  3. Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox. Klamath, CA
    • Trees of Mystery Klamath
  4. Carhenge. Alliance, NE
    • 2141 County Road 59
  5. Largest Ball of Twine. Cawker City, KS
    • 800 Wisconsin Dr, Cawker City go west.
  6. Largest Thermometer. 72155 Baker Blvd, Baker, CA
  7. Largest Tire. Allen Park, MI
    • Uniroyal Tire
  8. Largest Bicyclist. Sparta, WI
    • Howard Huff Park
  9. Famous Drive-Thru Tree. Yosemite, CA
    • Mariposa Grove, Yosemite
  10. Largest Bat. Louisville Slugger Museum
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