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Most significant updates require the server to be shut down while updates are applied. This page will list all known changes when one of the devs says "Server is going down in a few..."

Note: This will list only visible changes, in many cases updates will introduce or fix bugs. For details on any bug changes made in updates, see Known Issues. Some minor changes are discovered after they are actually added or are part of an update that was mostly for performance. These micro-updates will usually be rolled into the nearest major update to help keep this page clean.

October 25, 2011 - Skills, Combat & Tutorial

Skills Update

  • Base Stamina and Health dropped to 50
  • Base Stamina regen time adjusted to 2 minutes
  • Combat stats adjusted slightly downward
  • Skills added (current point cap): Accuracy(20), Fire Rate(20), Health(30), Stamina(60), Stamina Gen(30), and Green Thumb(30)
  • Players earn one skill point per level, currently being level 190 allows for maximum points in all skills.
  • To recreate the approximate stats that everyone had before the update requires 135 points: Accuracy 5/20, Fire rate 10/20, Health 25/30, Stamina 50/60, Stamina Gen 30/30, Green Thumb 15/30
  • The ability to put points into skills unlocks at level 5.

New Tutorial for new players


  • New plantable combat item: Handi-Gunner for 499 Coin
  • Disposable turret that has 20 shots before getting automatically destroyed
  • Timestamps are added to chat when a new message appears in an inactive channel.

October 20, 2011 - Seasonal

Additional Halloween Seasonal Decor

  • Additional Hay Bales added (tilted left and right) for 1,500 Coin
  • Candy Corn for 3,000 Coin
  • Scarecrow for 30,000 Coin
  • Bubbling Brew for 50,000 Coin
  • Costume cutouts for 75,000 Coin each. Available costumes are Witch, Werewolf, and Mummy. Selecting "What's This?" on any of them will align your avatar's face up to the little hole so you can take a picture.
  • Haunted House for 100,000 Coin

October 17, 2011 - UI, Seasonal & Combat

UI update

  • Relocated broadcast button to inline with chat tabs
  • Log in and out messages migrated to new Log channel
  • Most pop up menus are now draggable and may be moved outside the game area (off to the side for example).

Additional Halloween update

  • Friendly Jack renamed to Self Aware Jack
  • New Halloween quest: SWEET BATS!


  • New combat results screen
  • New "Call for help" option when selecting Zombie Plants
  • When calling for help or digging with another player, weapon select indicators appear above all potential participants.

October 7, 2011 - Seasonal

Halloween Permanent Decor

  • Goth Flamingo for 10 Gem

Temporary Halloween Decor

  • Pumpkins that will be smashable after Halloween for small rewards: Jack-o'-lantern for 2,000 Coin, Spooky Jack for 5,000 Coin, and Friendly Jack giftable for 1,000 Coin
  • Tombstone Prop for 1000 Coin
  • Great Pumpkin for 300,000 Coin – will smash into fertilizer for an 8 hex radius after Halloween.

Halloween Powerups - Giftable and Purchasable

  • Vampire Bats for 2 Gem – Leeches health from enemies and gives it to you for 20 minutes.
  • Ghost Sheild for 1 Gem – 20 minutes of one extra armor point.

October 5, 2011 - UI, Combat, & Quests

Fleck Web User Interface Change

  • Matches more closely the iPad UI
  • Ambiguous hex selection has a toggle menu at the top to choose which hex you want to interact with
  • New Features – Recent Locations and Favorites now occupy the old location of the feedback form.
  • Chat direction switched: newest messages are now at the bottom
  • "While You Were Out" replaced with "Maintenance" accessible from the profile menu

New Combat Class: Pyro

  • Unlocks for free after completion of Fuel for the Fire quest
  • Also available for purchase from market for 10 Gem
  • Short range, does damage over time to enemies hit with flames. Makes enemies speed up.
  • Companion Jet Fuel pack that doubles damage given while flamethrower is equipped available for 2 Gem.

New Quests: Fuel for the Fire, Put One In The Ground, Shrub-A-Dub-Dub, Petal Power, Dig 'Em Up and Put 'Em Down

General Combat Tweaks

  • Spitter teleporting now has an animation they will now also teleport away from you if you get too close.
  • Brute speed and aggressiveness tweaks
  • Wondergrow used on Zombie Plants now only increases one level, no longer turns anything into a level 4.

New Tutorial for Fleck Web. This tutorial covers all the basics much better and makes sure that new users get acquainted with most of the areas of the user interface that raised questions before now.

September 21, 2011 - Combat & Sound

Sound effects integrated into Fleck Web. Use the speaker button next to the toggle for Flickr pictures to enable sound effects. It will stay disabled by default.

New combat item: Super Cannon

  • 20 Gem to plant and 1 Gem to refill
  • Increased range (8), damage (5-15 per shot), ammo capacity (100 shots), and firing speed from normal Turrets

New weed prevention tool: Zom-b-busters

September 15, 2011 - Combat & Quests


  • Decor item for 200,000 Coin
  • 6 hex range, 50 shots
  • will shoot zombies in range as long as they have ammo
  • anyone can refill ammo 5 Coin per shot fired and 5 stamina per refill action (which will refill as many bullets as the turret requires)
  • counts as a participant in the battle (1 participant/turret owner), if their owner is present rewards are split normally, if the owner of the turret is absent experience and coins are distributed as if the user was there.
  • cannot collect item loot for it's absent owner
  • counts as zombie kills for the turret owner (for quests)
  • An empty turret left unattended for two weeks will disappear. As long as it has any ammunition, it is permanent.
  • can fire through trees
  • can participate in multiple concurrent battles

Quests: Nip 'Em in the Bud, Solo Artist, Fleet Feet, Dancin' in the Rain

Zombie X-ing and Slow Brute signs price lowered to 10,000 Coin from 75,000 Coin.

September 13, 2011 - Combat

Added special bullets to market: Super Mag Shells and Booster Shots packs of 100 ammo for 2 Gem each.

Super Mag Shells deal double damage and are used automatically when available.

Booster Shots heal double per shot and also used automatically when available.

Loot table reset to add new ammo as potential drops.

September 8 & 9, 2011 - Zombie Plants

All tombstones currently on map removed.

New zombie hunt start markers: Zombie Plants

  • only spawn around gardens
  • will grow into more advanced stages every 24 hours (which are equivalent to higher level tombstones).
  • can drain water from surrounding plants
  • also appear in sprout and juvenile forms which can be cleared without fighting zombies or using items.
  • can be wondergrown into level 4 plants.

Plantable potted versions of zombie plants added to decor for each level of zombie plant

ZOM-B-Gone added to marketplace as zombie plant weedkiller available for purchase as a 10 pack for 4 Gem.

Loot Tables reset. Added ZOM-B-Gone and Waterbombs

Zombie signs changed. Zombie X-ing and Slow Brute signs no longer deal damage, but now slow zombies more than any other (not single use) plantable.

August 26, 2011 - Water, Gift

Waterbomb item added to market and Gifts.

  • Waters an approximate 11 hex radius around where you are standing.
  • Activates instantly upon purchase

Sprinklers adjusted

  • Purchase price changed from 2 Gem to 7 Gem
  • Duration adjusted from 1 week to 4 weeks to compensate

Revive Bomb behavior modified to reset water timers of all plants within radius (living, wilting or already dead instead of just the dead plants). Possibly smaller radius than before.

Treasure price adjusted from 6 Gem to 5 Gem

New users now start with 50 stamina and earn more (5 additional stamina at every 10th level) as they level up to 100.

August 23, 2011 - Chat

Custom Chat Channel added.

Users known to be underage (younger than 13) are no longer allowed in chat. They can view chat in global and local, but cannot respond.

Fleck also started a modest advertisement campaign around this time.

August 5, 2011 - iPad App Store Update (requires iTunes download)

iPad gained National Zoom.

iPad users have a chance to earn a free gem each day by watching a short advertisement clip from the bank.

iPad gained City Points leaderboards.

Various bug fixes, additional sound effects, and other small features.

July 13, 2011 - Premium Currency, Restaurant, & Season End

  • Purchase rates for gems changed from a base 3 gems to $1 to 10 gems per $1.
  • Bonus gems for purchasing larger currency packs reduced.
  • Existing gems updated at a ratio of 3:1 (new:old)
  • Most premium goods adjusted at 3:1 rates or lower. Exceptions listed below.
    • Flamingos, Pinwheel, Serious Grill, and Stone Lantern all updated at 3:1 + 1

Primarily cosmetic restaurant update

  • All existing restaurant buildings were reclaimed by Fleck and replaced with "For Sale" signs.
  • Once purchased a restaurant must go into construction before it can sell food (variable based on restaurant rating)

Sparklers removed from gifts. Planted sparklers will disappear from Fleck on Friday, July 15. No word on red/blue mallows.

July 6, 2011 - Plant, Decor & Quest

Bananas added to Trees

Plantable Buried Treasure added as a decor item for 2 Gem. Treasure obtained in this way has a much higher chance of being something good versus regular Buried Treasure.

Going Bananas quest added, a Banana themed quest.

Offline City Point changes (amounts and position changes) are shown in the While You Were Out window

June 29, 2011 - City Points, Gift, Decor & Misc.

City Point values for all locations have been reset to improve accuracy after the Restaurant Update.

New gift item and decor items, Mallow Mines(tm) have been added. Cost 250 coins, function similar to the Easter seasonal item, peepers. White mines are only available as gifts. Red and blue mines are available as decor.

Mallow Mines(tm) are a permanent addition, although colors may vary from time to time.

Damage inflicted to zombies by Slow Brute and Zombie Xing signs has been reduced to 20 from 25.

Health now regenerates at a rate of 5/3mins from 5/2mins.

A new restaurant themed scavenger hunt was added recently.

June 28, 2011 - Restaurants & Combat

Restaurant Update - major change to the way restaurants work to balance the restaurant mechanic and make individual restaurants more meaningful.

Medic suit now heals 2 points of health every second and has improved combat targeting.

June 20, 2011 - Seasonal, Decor, City Points, Quests & UI

Seasonal update for 4th of July. Red, white, and blue sparklers, Uncle Sam flamingo, Stars and Stripes flag. Sparklers can only be received as gifts, and are temporary items. Uncle Sam and Stars and Stripes are decor items and will be permanent.

Seasonal Lamp Posts were intended to be included in this update, but a mixup caused them to not be added until June 21st.

New decor items Barbie and Serious Grill.

The City Score box now displays dynamic score change text when you do something to change the city score, similar to XP and coin notifications on harvesting.

At zoom level 8 and higher, the map now reveals green stars at every location that has a city score. Darker, larger, stars represent locations whose city score has changed in the past day. Mousing over a star will popup a display of the location's 2-week total and daily change. Clicking on a star will transport to that location.

The City Scoreboard now displays the world total score. The list is also sortable by all columns by clicking on the column header.

Legal Tender & Mental Maples quests added.

Brute sprites updated (the biggest change being the addition of more teeth).

June 10, 2011 - Decor & iPad Fix

Green Pavers were added to decor.

iPad got an updated friends list UI. Now when you log on, the friends list opens in "Online Friends" mode rather than "All", and the app loads faster alleviating some issues with long friends lists on iPad.

June 7, 2011 - Walking, Gifts & UI

Walk speed has been modified again, now shorter distances teleport you to your destination. Forced teleport range is based on zoom level.

Weeping Willow temporarily removed from gifts due to issues with iPad client.

Minor UI update on City Points indicator; also City Points box is now disabled during zombie combat.

Buried Treasure spawning issue resolved.

May 31, 2011 - Walking & Gifts

Peepers removed from gifts in update (all peepers disappeared from game world at midnight PT).

Gift Powerups (Vampire Power Drink, Ca$hup, eBook, Bolt Shot, and Revive Bomb) added to Fleck Web.

Weeping Willow also added as a gift option to Fleck Web.

Blue Spruce available now available as a regular tree

Minor tweaks to new walk speed system.

May 27, 2011 - Leaderboards, Walking & Chat

The city rank table columns have been changed to display rank, city name, today's score, yesterday's score, and % change. The table is no longer sortable. Viewing the city rank table automatically highlights the city from which the table was accessed and scrolls to its position in the ranks.

Walk speed is now determined by the distance to be travelled, rather than current zoom level.

Admin names are now displayed in blue in the chat window.

May 24, 2011 - Quests, Preview & Sell

Daily Challenges added to quest log. Challenges refresh every day at 3am PT and are pulled from a large pool of tasks to complete.

Players can now sell plants and decor (instead of clearing) for 50% of the purchase price, rounded down (plants and decor that only cost 1 Gem will receive nothing back).

Decor now has a five minute timer in which you can return the purchased item for all your money back (exp gained is also retracted).

Fleck handle changes are now listed in chat to all friends.

May 19, 2011 - Weather, Water and Leaderboards

Rain changed from being purely cosmetic to watering thirsty plants. You need to be in the immediate vicinity of the plants for them to be watered by rain. Plants that do not have water droplets are not affected (it does not reset the watering cycle). Rain also keeps wildflowers in the vicinity from despawning.

Sprinklers now reset water timers for all plants in their range whenever they are activated (regardless of whether the plants need water).

City Points leaderboard cities are now links to the standout cities.

May 18, 2011 - Bugfixes, Tweaks & Leaderboards

Fixed bugs relating to some quests as well as fixing an issue that prevented iPad users from using quotes and other special characters in chat

Clicking on the green star next to city points now brings up a City Points leaderboard. The leaderboard feature has been there for awhile with placeholder interface elements.

Graphics for wildflowers changed. They now fill more hex space. No functional changes.

May 12, 2011 - Chat

Fleck now offers Global and Local Chat . This update also modifies broadcast range. When in Local mode, both chat and broadcasts reach about 14 miles. This update also removed the somewhat confusing friends chat option.

May 5, 2011 - New Platform Release

Fleck Touch for iPad released. Available for download from the iTunes App Store

May 4, 2011 - Feature & Balance Tweaks

City Points, a new way to rank areas by activity, introduced. Ranking is at least partially retroactive for certain activities prior to this update

Prices of most flowers and shrubs adjusted to decrease profit margins

Many of the decor items reduced in price. Unknown whether maintenance is required or will be implemented in a future update.

May 3, 2011 - Combat & Seasonal

Buried Treasure icons reverted to Xs from seasonal easter eggs. Any eggs remaining were not affected.

Healing Ray added to the Marketplace. Allows players to equip the Healing Ray during combat instead of the shotgun. Heals a random amount of health to the closest player within range. Will also do reduced damage to zombies within range. Purchasable for 10 Gem after being unlocked at level 40.

April 26, 2011 - UI, Quests, Combat & Balance Tweaks

Plant unlock levels shifted upwards

Ornamental Maples price adjusted to 3500 coins (+1000).

Marketplace effect bonuses (Vampire Power Drink, Bolt Shot, etc) added visual indicator in the form of colored status effect clouds to indicate when a user is under the effect of a specific item.

  • Purple = Vampire Power Drink
  • Orange = Bolt Shot
  • Blue = Ebook of Knowledge
  • Yellow = Ca$hup
  • Red = Red Bolt

User Interface

  • Changed circular interface buttons along the top of the right side to bookmark-like tabs along the right side of the top.
  • Changed Coin and Fleck Buck icons. Fleck Bucks are now Gems.

Combat Changes

  • Peepers now explode on contact with a zombie. They do a minor amount of damage as well as slow the zombie down.
  • Currently targeted zombie is no longer highlighted green. (This effect may be replaced in a future update with something like crosshairs).
  • Slow Brute and Zombie X-ing signs damage dealt reduced from 100 to 25.
  • Spitters now take environmental combat damage (Flowers, Zombie Signs, and Peeper Mines)

Added/Tweaked Quests: He Loves Me He Loves Me Not, Green Thumb, A Shrubbery!

National Zoom!

  • The highest zoom level can now show the entire contiguous United States
  • Zooming out more than 8 times shows silhouettes for currently active players as well as some recently active users (an unintentional side-effect).
  • The first 8 zoom levels are unchanged (plants, restaurants, etc still vanish at level 5)
  • Traveling further than approximately 25 miles automatically transports you (instead of walking)

Improved Pathfinding - fewer instances of traveling from the middle of nowhere to the nearest road to go just across the screen.

April 15, 2011 - User Interface

Players now wear combat armor only used in zombie hunts. Change is mostly cosmetic and allows for more optimized hunts as it lowers the required number of player specific animations and states to be loaded before a zombie hunt.

April 7, 2011 - Seasonal

Spring Skin

  • Butterflies replace sparkles for fertilizer (on flowers only). Change is purely cosmetic and works with fertilizer given by directly fertilizing and by killing zombies on a flower.
  • Easter eggs replace Buried Treasure Xs. Again, change is purely cosmetic and affected any Xs that were remaining before the update.

April 6, 2011 - Seasonal

Easter Items

  • Added White Tulip as a new flower. It will not be removed from planting when the holiday ends.
  • Added gifts: Yellow Peeper, Red Peeper, and Blue Peeper as Easter decor items that net 25 XP when planted. Peepers will be removed all at once when the holiday ends.
    Gifting levels: Yellow peepers require level 5, Red Peepers require level 15, Blue Peepers require level 25. All cost 500 coins to send.
  • Added decor item: Chocolate Flamingo for 3 Gem

April 4, 2011 - Quests, Plant & Decor

Modified several of the introductory quests effectively adding more quests for longtime players.

Added tree: Weeping Willow for 1 Gem
Added decor item: Yellow Paver

March 29, 2011 - User Interface

Travel interface revamp

  • Removed circular airplane button that pulled up the travel menu, travel menu options condensed and moved to a travel search bar below the game window next to chat and above feedback.
  • Broadcast location button changed to fit alongside the new travel bar.
  • Other minor feedback/chat UI tweaks.
  • Note: UI tweaks and bugfixes related to fixing the most pressing issues with this update were released in an update March 30th.

March 22, 2011 - Loot & Decor

Added decor items: Stone Lantern, Garden Stone, Stepping Stone, Gray Paver, Red Paver, Black Paver.
Lucky Flamingo removed. (St Patrick's Gifts removed March 24, 2011).

Reverted wildflower spawn from clovers to standard.

New zombie hunt victory and defeat notifications.

Zombie Hunts now have a random chance of awarding useable market items.

  • Applies to all levels of tombstones.
  • The same reward is given to all participants in the battle.
  • Confirmed Wonder-Grow (10x, 5x, 1x), Fertilizer (10x, 5x, 1x), Red Bolt, Health Kit, Bolt Shot, Vampire Power Drink, 1 Gem, 10 Gem, E-Book of Knowledge

At the end of a zombie hunt, all survivng players are transported back to the location of the tombstone. This transport spawns wildflowers as with any other transport.

March 7, 2011 - Seasonal

St. Patrick's Day Holiday items added:

  • Lucky Flamingo purchasable for 3 Gem
  • Gifts: Pot of Gold and Four-Leaf Clover

Wildflowers replaced with wildclovers

Older ChangesEdit

Because Fleck has been around longer than this wiki, there have been numerous updates that have not been documented. If you have been around and want to share any significant changes that occurred prior to updates listed above, they can go here or in the comments below.